Peace of mind for the whole family is the system that keeps me connected to my loved ones and warns me if:

  • My mother falls or feels sick (without her having to touch the phone)
  • She forgot the medicine or the doctor's appointment
  • My children spend too many hours with video games or on the internet
  • My children have reached school, gym or swimming pool at the scheduled times
Salvavita per te, per i bambini e per gli anziani

Simple and innovative, the system designed for the elderly.

While 50% of elderly people may find it difficult to use a mobile phone, offers accessible interface for use on any smartphone. 82% of elderly people describe fears around getting a rapid response and help, should they fall or feel unwell. provides an emergency pulse button that works automatically in case of an emergency, even if far from the telephone or in the shower.

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Parents are always nearby and reassured of the appropriate use of their children's cell phone. for Kids and Teens allows you to give your child a mobile phone with peace of mind. It allows you to know where your child is and if he is ok; you are alerted in case of excessive use or removal outside the scheduled hours and perimeters.

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Take care of your family even from afar; more security for them and more serenity for you.

Balancing private life and daily commitments is a source of stress for those of you who look after both children and elderly relatives. will promptly notify you if something is wrong and gives you the peace of mind knowing that if your phone does not ring, everyone is fine.

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