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Families are changing and there are many challenges to face today:

  • Frenzied work rhythms do not allow you to take care of loved ones.
  • Population aging.
  • Greater distance between families.
  • Growing demand for home care.
  • Unrestrained use of technology by children.
  • Crowded and dangerous cities. is the system that helps you protect your relatives, both children and elders helps families both in every day life and in emergency situations, even from afar, it's composed by the app and by the distress button wich automatically detects falls and can be pressed in case of emergency.
  • DOESN'T need a SIM card - the emergency button is paired with the elder's smartphone thanks to Bluetooth® connection.
  • DOESN'T need a landline.
  • DOESN'T need recharging - the emergency button's battery lasts for 2 years.
  • DOESN'T charge you any extra costs - it works on internet connection (3G/4G/Wi-Fi) and all the emergency calls and notifications are paid by

From the app:

  • You can see in real time where they are thanks to the geolocalization.
  • You can set their address book choosing wich contacts will be part of the safety network in case of emergencies.
  • You can call them activating directly their loudspeaker with no need for them to answer.

Take care of your elderly relative

  • Falls: receive notifications when the emergency button detects a fall, even under the shower.
  • SOS: receive notifications when the button is pressed to request help.
  • Battery check: see in realt time the battery level of his phone.
See the manual to better use our service.

Take care of your kid

  • Internet: set a limit to the internet consumption on his phone.
  • Smartphone: manage the time he can spend on his phone setting limits to games, apps, social, ....
  • Speed: set a max limit to his physical speed.
See the manual to better use our service.

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About is the system dedicated to the whole family peace of mind, both for kids and elders and even from afar. It works in every day life and in emergency situations thanks to the smartphone apps and the emergency button.

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