About us

Easy Life it's a multinational company born in 2005 from an idea of two entrepreneurs whose passion and expertise has given birth to a dream: to make the life of every family simply better.

Caring and technology: these are the keywords that define our identity. This for us means to invest in developing services, solutions and products able to take a tangible benefit to families, improving their everyday life trough a responsible use of technology. We think that in the age of global mobility, where distances are growing bigger, the way to be a close family is ever evolving; technology here could be the precious tool capable of letting us live our daily life whit less concerns.

We also think that everyone must have access to this methods in order to have better tools for family caring; that's the reason behind the high quality and low costs of our products.

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Luca Concone famil.care

Luca Concone

CEO and Chief Designer of Easy Life Ltd.

Concone is also CEO of RAEF (Real Assets Energy Fund), investment society specialised in energy from renewable sources. Before that he has been CEO of Solar Investment Group, a Netherland based company investing over 200 milions in energy renewable sources, and even before he was senior manager of Bravo Fly, Last minute, and CEO of Capital One Bank in London.

Luca La Ferla famil.care

Luca La Ferla

Founder & CTO of Easy Life Ltd.

Pioneer ed evangelist in neural network field of study, internet and cloud computing. He has founded several start-ups where he applied these and other technlogies in varoius industries as innovation and efficiency validators . Among these realities there are ALL Financial Futures, ICE (Internet Centre of Excellence) e Digitaltrust.

About famil.care

famil.care is the system dedicated to the whole family peace of mind, both for kids and elders and even from afar. It works in every day life and in emergency situations thanks to the smartphone apps and the emergency button.

Easy Life S.r.l. Sede legale: Piazza Castello 26, 20121 Milano info.uk@famil.care

Sede operativa: Via Leopardi 1, 20123 Milano info.uk@famil.care

VAT: 11199650968