Much more than a lifesaver smartphone for elderlies is the innovative and simple system to help carers assist elderly people in everyday life and in emergency situations. The system is composed of:

  • The app to be installed on your smartphone and on the elder's smartphone in order to stay continuosly connected (see minimum requirements)
  • The lightest distress button on the market, waterproof and discreet worn by the elder and connected to the elder's smartphone. It automatically detects falls as well as sending an instant distress signal to carers when pressed by the wearer. lifesaving emergency app for elders

Discover the features

Always know their location
Thanks to the map on the app's main screen you'll always know where the senior is.

Handsfree calls
Now you can call your senior directly by activating the speakerphone on their smartphone. Their telephone will be automatically activated without the necessity for them to press anything opening a two way voice channel. If the elderly is using an iphone this feature is available when the app is in background only on versions older than iOS 12.4.

Battery monitoring
View in real time the elderly's smartphone battery level and be automatically notified when its battery goes under certain levels of charge.

Falls and emergency notification
You'll be automatically informed in case of falls or SOS signals from by the distress button thanks to notifications on your app, an SMS with the person position and an automatically generated call from our operation center.

Set the main contacts
From your app you can set every contact in the adress book of the eldery, setting wich ones will be contacted in case of emergency. These contacts will be notified with SMS and automatic calls (even without the app on their smartphones!).

Simplified smartphone
The app gives seniors an easy-to-use intuitive front page to their smartphone, contered on their list of frequent and emergency contacts and giving them "one button" access to these key contacts.

See our minimum requirements in order to ensure the compatibility between the app and your smartphone.

Payment tipology

  • Senior
    With emergency button
    Duration 1 year
    Single payment
    For Android & IOS
    99,00 / YEAR

    (no additional fees)

30 days satisfied or refunded

If after a trial period with your relatives or dear ones you're not totally satisfied we will give you back the total amount you spent within the first 30 days of usage!

Distress button

Thanks to the integrated algorithmical accelerometer, the distress button automatically detects sudden falls of the wearer. By pressing the button central soft layer the wearer can send an instant distress signal to defined carers and other contacts.

Thanks to its ultrasonic welding, the distress button is totally sealed and resistant to water and dust. This way it's wearable even under the shower.

Everlasting battery
The battery integrated in the distress button grants over two years of full function without the need for recharging. After 2 years will send a new replacement a no cost.

Anallergic Material
The distress button is completely made with anallergic material (ISO 10993 certified - Biological Evaluation of biomedic devices).

Light and as small as a 2€ coin, the distress button can be worn thanks to the lacing included in its box.

Read our FAQs to learn how our button detects falls and SOS. distress button for seniores

The app

After being installed on your smartphone and on that of your senior's, the app enalbes you to see in real time where the senior is thanks to the map on the main screen.

From the main screen it's possible to monitor if the distress button is connected to the senior's smartphone, their battery level and every alert event.

Furthermore you'll be able to call handsfree to the senior allowing them to answer the phone without pressing any digit. Using the icons in the main screen is also possible to insert new contacts in the elderly address book and set every option for the alarms notifications.
See the app page to discover how to download and use the app lifesaving emergency app for elders


About is the system dedicated to the whole family peace of mind, both for kids and elders and even from afar. It works in every day life and in emergency situations thanks to the smartphone apps and the emergency button.

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