Easy Life's Terms and Conditions
  1. Scope of these terms (i) These terms and conditions (i "T & C") apply to all purchase orders presented or to be presented by the buyer for any service offered on the site www.famil.care (the "Site") or through one of our partners. All the services on the Site are offered by Easy Life Ltd., number of company registration 09901292, VAT number GB231211373, with registered office 5th Floor, North Side, 7/10 Chandos Cavendish Square, London W1G 9DQ ( "EL" , "we" , "Easy Life" ) (ii) The services offered on the Site are intended for adults, if the buyer has less of 18 years or has not reached the legal age in his place of residence, the buyer guarantees that a parent, legal guardian or otherwise responsible adult has given his consent for the purchase on the Site. (iii) These Terms set out the terms and conditions only applicable to all purchase orders placed by the user on the Site or through one of our partners. (iv) The buyer guarantees that his place of residence or prevailing domicile is among the places where Easy Life sells its services. In the event of a false declaration, EL has the right to terminate these Terms without refund.

  2. Purchase orders, prices and payment methods. (i) Each order placed by the buyer is subject to acceptance by EL. An agreement between the buyer and EL will be concluded only after acceptance by EL. (ii) EL reserves the right to refuse any order in whole or in part. (iii) The applicable prices are indicated on the Site when placing the order. EL reserves the right to change prices at any time, but this change will not affect orders placed before the date of the change. All prices include VAT (value added tax). (iv) To benefit from all the services provided by Easy Life, on some products it is necessary to be provided with a "Pulse" device ( "Pulse" ). In the event of a Pulse request, shipping costs are included in the price due. (v) Payment for the first month will be charged in advance; payments for subsequent months will be charged in advance on a monthly basis. (vi) If the buyer decides to withdraw from the contract after the expiration of the "right of withdrawal", the buyer accepts that he will be charged an amount equal to the residual value as required by the following Terms. (vii) EL accepts different payment methods depending on the country. The payment methods applicable to your country can be found on the Site.

  3. Payments via PayPal. Without prejudice to the above, the holders of a PayPal account can use it for the purpose of making payments. Payments can also be made through the reference transactions mode which offers the possibility of paying fixed or variable one-time or recurring amounts via your PayPal account. The buyer, at the time of placing the order, will be notified that the payment method will be activated for reference transactions which can be canceled according to what is established in the "Conditions of use of the PayPal service" to which express reference is made. The buyer will not be required to approve all subsequent payments each time they are made. The buyer acknowledges and accepts that the payments thus arranged can be variable and be made on different dates.
    EL guarantees that the indicated amounts have been accepted and authorized by the buyer who owns the PayPal account from which they are deducted (including changes to those amounts) and guarantees to the buyer that before the deduction they will be notified in advance.
    If payment through reference transactions requires PayPal to convert currency, the currency conversion fee amount is determined when the buyer completes the transaction. The buyer acknowledges that the exchange rate determined at the time of the individual payment transactions is variable and accepts that future execution of payments through reference transactions takes place on the basis of variable exchange rates.
    The payment made through reference transactions can be canceled by the buyer at any time up to 1 working day prior to the date scheduled for making the payment. You can cancel this payment by logging into your PayPal account and follow the appropriate procedure.

  4. Duration and tacit renewal. (i) The service will be provided for the duration chosen within the order, starting from confirmation of the order from part of Easy Life and will be tacitly renewed, unless canceled by tacit renewal before the expiration date. In case of cancellation from the tacit renewal, the buyer must immediately return the Pulse to EL. Self the Pulse will not be received within 30 days, EL may request to provide a proof of Pulse's expedition. In the absence of this proof, EL can charge an amount of 22 euros as a penalty.

  5. Right of withdrawal and return of the Pulse. (i) The buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract with Easy Life relating to the services, without any penalty and for any reason, within 30 (thirty) days from the purchase of all the services that do not require the Pulse for them full functionality. In addition, the contractor has the right to withdraw from purchase contract with Easy Life relating to services requiring the Pulse for their full functionality, without any penalty and for for any reason, within 30 (thirty) days of purchasing the Pulse. For exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to inform Easy Life of the intention of the buyer to withdraw from the contract at the address email: subscription-cancel@easylifeltd.uk. The refund will be paid within 14 days from the notice of withdrawal. The contractor will have to send the Pulse to EL without delay by registered mail, and in any case within 14 days from the notice of withdrawal. EL will be able withhold the refund until you have received the Pulse or until the buyer has not shown that he has sent the Pulse back, depending on which of the two events occurred before. (ii) If the Pulse does not come returned to EL, within 30 days of the withdrawal notice, EL can charge an amount of 22 euros as a penalty. (Iii) The buyer is not the owner of the Pulse, while the Pulse is in his possession. (iv) Shipping costs for returning the Pulse to following the exercise of the right of withdrawal must be incurred by the buyer (v) In any case, if the Pulse returned is not fully functional or damaged, a charge will be charged amount of 22 euros as a penalty.

  6. Safety limitations. (i) The service also consists of a system of notification in relation to specific danger or stress events that the user can send to the Pulse connected to the famil.care App ("App"), in compliance with the Terms of Use and the End User License Agreement. (Ii) The App can never be used as a replacement for the direct monitoring and verification of users and, where appropriate, the user guarantees that it intends to use the services for the exclusive benefit and in the best interest of the person you want to protect ("Employee"). After activation, the Employee will connect the Pulse to the App to send and / or receive push notifications or a text message to or by the Nexus or by persons designated by the Employee or by the Nexus (or by a selected group) to receive calls, push notifications and / or SMS messages via the App (whose contact information has been provided by the user). (iii) the user is solely responsible for compliance with data protection laws in providing contact information and for verify that the emergency contact (s) agree (in), capable, and available to accept and receive these calls, notifications push and / or text messages. EL cannot verify or influence and does not will be liable to any user behavior and / or the emergency contact (s). (iv) The user / buyer must indemnify and hold EL harmless from any claim, action or request by the (dei) Nexus or the Employee deriving from the use of the service. (V) the user / buyer acknowledges and accepts the fact that even if EL intends to provide a highly reliable and available service, EL cannot ensure that a call, a push notification and / or a message from text or any other function / service reaches the recipient or any Nexus and / or contact (s) for emergency and that such services are not subject to periodic interruptions, including, by way of example by way of example and not exhaustive, for causes such as loss of Internet connectivity, power outages, failures or system malfunction, failure or failure of the supplier of telecommunication services, or third party software problems or hardware problems (e.g. updates to the operating system of the device). For example (by way of example and not limited to), the service may not be carried out correctly and promptly for reasons such as: (a) lack of network coverage (temporary or permanent) of the Employee's telephone and / or Nexus device; (b) the user or Nexus is engaged in another conversation and therefore not able to receive the call; (c) the Nexus device is not available to receive further text messages; (d) malfunction of the Nexus device; (e) the Nexus is traveling and has related problems to roaming; (f) force majeure events. (g) The Employee is without credit on your SIM card. (vi) The App is compatible with devices, i operating systems and technologies (e.g. GPS) listed in the following web page: www.famil.care/IT-IT/requisito-mimini.aspx. Before proceeding with any purchase, please check if the your, Nexus or Employee device is included in the list.

  7. Pulse Swapping. Easy Life works to ensure that the Pulse is always able to provide the services purchased. Therefore, Easy Life will notify the user when the Pulse battery is running low. Expenses related to the shipment of the replacement Pulse and expenses for the shipping the old Pulse to the address indicated by Easy Life are at loaded with Easy Life. If the Pulse is not returned, EL will be able to charge the amount of 22 euros as a penalty. If the Pulse is not received by EL within 30 days, EL may request to provide proof of the dispatch of the Pulse. In the absence of this proof, EL can charge an amount of 22 euros as a penalty. Should the Pulse returned was not fully functional or was damaged, EL will be able to charge you an amount of 22 euros as criminal.

  8. New versions of the App or operating system. EL is not required to provide support for obsolete versions of the App in case of release of one new version. Easy Life is not obliged to update or supply versions the App for use on a particular mobile device or system operational, in such cases the service may not be rendered.

  9. Disclaimer. The maximum responsibility of EL towards the user or third parties for any loss or damage deriving from complaints, requests or appeals proposed in relation to the service and / or this agreement, or connected to it, cannot exceed the purchase price paid (if actually paid) by the buyer for the service. (ii) In no circumstances, to the maximum extent permitted by law applicable, EL, or its licensors, or its officials, administrators, shareholders, employees, collaborators, or affiliates, will be responsible for personal injury, or any incidental, special, indirect or damage consequential of any kind, including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, loss of data, business interruption or any other commercial or personal damage or losses, arising or related to use by the user or the inability to use the service, however caused, regardless of the theory of liability (contract, fact illegal or otherwise) even if EL has been informed of the possibility of such damage. (iii) EL will not be responsible for any errors and / or omissions relating to services provided by third parties (for example, telephone operators and data transmission). EL is not responsible for any errors and / or omissions due to a malfunction of the device Employee and / or Nexus. EL is not responsible for any losses or damage resulting from improper use and / or misuse of the App carried out by the Employee and / or by the Nexus.

  10. Contacts. (i) All questions, complaints and other communications for regarding these Terms must be submitted in writing e sent to EL by registered mail or by e-mail to the following address:
  11. Varie. (i) Any provision of these Terms that was prohibited or inapplicable in any jurisdiction, it will be, with reference to that specific jurisdiction, ineffective to the extent of the prohibition or of the inapplicability without invalidating the remaining provisions of the Terms. (ii) This prohibition or non-application of this provision will come interpreted in terms as close as possible to the original objective and to the purpose of this provision. (iii) Any prohibition or inapplicability in any jurisdiction will not invalidate or make it unenforceable available in any other jurisdiction. (iv) In the event of inconsistencies between the Italian version of these Terms and another version in another language, the Italian version will prevail.

  12. Legge e giurisdizione. (i) These Terms must be interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and regardless of the place of residence of the buyer, in the event of any disputes associated with these Terms, that dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. (ii) If the buyer is a consumer, any dispute concerning i Terms will be settled by the court of domicile or residence based to applicable law. (iii) Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, nothing can prevent EL from filing an appeal for violation of the intellectual property rights against the buyer or to advance any non-payment claim in any country in which the infringement is alleged to have occurred or failure has occurred payment or in the country of habitual residence of the buyer. (iv) A According to article 14 of the European regulation 524/2013, EL informs that, in the event of a dispute, a complaint can be made through the ODR (online dispute resolution) platform provided by the European Commission via the following link http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. However EL invites you to contact our customer service directly at info@easylifeltd.uk for directly resolve a possible dispute.

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