Help your Seniors in the emergencies and in the ordinary life | Senior

The system to protect your elderly relatives system consists of:

  • an app on your elderly relatives' phone that simplifies it
  • an Sos alert button connected to their phone that is automatically triggered in case of a fall or can be manually pressed in case of need
  • a different app on your phone to be always connected to your elder's phone
  • 30 days guaranteed results for your peace of mind, or get your money back
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Sos alert button

the sos alert button is automatically triggered in case of a fall and can be pressed in case of sickness. In detail:

  • small and light
  • to be worn around the neck or belt
  • waterproof (many incidents occurs under the shower or in the bathroom)
  • never needs to be recharged*
  • highest quality standards - made in Switzerland

* Replaced for free after 2 years.

App for you is your app (both for Android and iPhone) that is completely free and connects to your elder's phone. Your phone alerts you if your elderly relative falls or feels sick. It allows you to record voice messages that automatically play at your chosen time. You are able to call your elderly relatives in loudspeaker mode without them having to accept any incoming call

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