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With the app you are connected everytime to the Senior's and Junior's phone. The app alerts you if there are problems and allows you to be close to your family:

  • You decide who will receive text messages and calls in case of need; always warns you and the people closest to your loved one without needing to download any application
  • From your smartphone, schedule appointments with voice messages that will play on the Senior and Junior's smartphone at the pre-set time. then warns you if the Senior or Junior have not confirmed that they have heard/read your message.
  • From your smartphone you define the areas where your Senior or Junior should be at the established times and days: for example, you can check that your Junior is at tennis on Wednesdays at 15:00, or that the Senior is regularly at home after 20:00 in the evening.
  • At any time you can turn on the speakerphone of your loved ones without them having to answer phone. Very useful when you call your Senior and get no answer, making you worry.

For Senior allows you to see the battery level of your senior's smartphone and warns you if it is getting low. It also allows you to update all the telephone numbers of the elderly person at a distance.

For the Junior allows you to set the limits for your child of how much he consumes on the internet, how fast he moves on the scooter, and how much time he spends on video games and social media.

If you need more help, another person can see the same information you see. For example, parents have the same information about their children. Download the application below to enable the second smartphone. is free and can be be dowloaded from Google play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iPhone).

To use the services connected you must buy Senior or Junior

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for those who help you

Do you need help to take care of your grandfather or your child? Buy the "For Those Who Help" subscription. Register and then download the app on the smartphone of the person who is helping you. This app has the same features of emergency, geolocation and speakerphone of the app but can't change your settings. per chi ti aiuta //**// for whoever helps you