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A single app to protect seniors and kids

He's home all
alone. What if
he falls?

He isn't picking
up. Where
is he?


If something
happens, who will
help him?

What if he plays
all day long with
his mobile phone?

So many questions, just one answer: is a single platform to manage seniors and juniors both in everyday life and in case of emergency - giving them more independence and freedom while granting you peace of mind senior

With Senior you can support your loved ones both in everyday life and in case of emergency.

app for elderly care

To be by their side even when you're apart you can: record voice memos, set safe zones and get alerts, turn on the speakerphone, add new contacts, and much more.

safety button for elderly

In case of emergency, the SOS and fall detection button insures a prompt intervention.

Everyone will be able to use the app thanks to its simple and user-friendly interface.

features app for seniors Senior
always safe, always together

mobile app for children junior

With Junior we can support our kids both in everyday life and in case of emergency.

To protect and help them we can: set safe zones and get alerts, communicate outright, get alerted if they spend too much time playing or if they go too fast, and much more.

To guide them in their digital education, you can encourage them to use technology responsibly and conciously.

emergency button for kids

In case of emergency a click of the SOS function insures prompt intervention.

application for children Junior,
independent and safe kids, reassured parents.