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app per telefono anziani
app per telefono anziani

The APP to take care of your elderly senior

Does the hectic pace of modern life stop you from taking care of your elderly relatives when they need you the most? Are your parents and grandparents alone and living far away from you? is a simple solution to help your seniors when they’re in need.  It has many features that make it easier for you to assist and support your senior relatives, it can be a life-saving solutions also preventing your senior to enter a nursing home too soon. Senior – the elderly care app

You can protect your loved ones right away and help them in everyday activities, while they can feel you’re there for them and ask for help when they’re in need.

When you download nexus on your smartphone and senior on your loved one’s mobile, the apps immediately pair and work 24/7.

The Nexus APP is already available on Android and iOS. The Junior and Senior APPs are now available on Android and soon on iOS!
If you need help to set up you can rely on a dedicated and free of charge call-center.

Simplified Interface senior is specifically designed for tech-shy people used to traditional mobile phones. Indeed, thanks to the senior simplified interface, your loved one can phone whoever they want with just one click. In addition, senior launches automatically when turning on the mobile phone without having to look for the app and open it.

APP assistenza anziani

The senior emergency button

The senior emergency button – made in Switzerland – is wearable, small, light and waterproof. There’s no need to charge it up and it automatically alerts you in case of emergency or fall.

salvavita anziani



From a single app on your smartphone you can manage at the same time all your loved ones (e.g. our grandpa and grandma, your father-in-law and mother-in-low, your aunt or uncle).

Vice-versa, different people (e.g. you and your partner) can take care of the same person each one from their mobile phone.

protezione bambini

Nexus and Co-Nexus Apps is the app that helps us to protect and care for our loved ones. Nexus is the original app that can manage everything and add as many co-nexus as we want. A co-Nexus can only monitor and cannot enable other co-nexuses.