Who we are, where we come from and we're headed

Easy Life is a multinational company born in 2015 from an idea of ​​two entrepreneurs who, with passion and competence, have given life to a dream: to improve the quality of life of every family.

Care and technology: these are the key words that define our identity. For us, this means investing in the development of services, solutions and products that can bring a real advantage to families, improving their everyday life through a correct and responsible use of technology. We think that in the age of global mobility, in which distances are dilated and the way of being a family changes, technology can be a precious tool that helps us to face daily challenges more serenely.

We think everyone should have the opportunity to take care of their beloved to the best. This is why we are committed to creating a quality product for everyone

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Luca Concone famil.care

Luca Concone

CEO and Chief Designer of Easy Life Ltd.

Luca is also chairman of the board of directors of RAEF (Real Assets Energy Fund), an investment company specialized in the production of energy from renewable sources. Previously he was chairman of the Board of Solar Investment Group, a company based in the Netherlands that has invested more than 200 million euro in 2010-2011 on 49 energy projects, and before that, the senior manager of the BravoFly- Last Minute group (European leader in travel online and in free time), by Buongiorno - Vitaminic and CEO of the Capital One bank in London.

Luca La Ferla famil.care

Luca La Ferla

Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Easy Life Ltd.

Pioneer and evangelist in the field of neural networks, internet and cloud computing. He founded several start-ups where he applied these and other technologies in the various production and service sectors as innovation, efficiency and effectiveness enablers. These include ALL Financial Futures, ICE (Internet Center of Excellence) and Digitaltrust.