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The system to protect your child

famil.care 2U: the smartphone app that helps you educating children and teenagers on a more responsible use of their devices:

  • manage time spent on social network
  • videogames usage limit
  • mobile traffic (3G, 4G) monitoring
  • 30 days refund if unsatisfied

when the limits are reached, the system always warns the child first, so he can learn to limit himself.

The management of 3G and 4G internet consumption and the social media, apps and games' usage time is currently only available for famil.care 2U installed on Android smartphones, soon it will be available on iOS.

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Need help?

You will get assistance from our customer support team.

Sos alert button

famil.care provides you a Sos alert button that the child can press to call help without touching the phone (very helpful in case of bullying or aggression).

The button never needs to be recharged and it's a small, light and wereable device.

App famil.care for you: the app that cares about him

for you who want to be a responsible parent, but wish to grant freedom to your children so they may develop their own sense of responsibility:

  • speed limit for moped or car
  • GPS position and timetable keeping
  • calendar with voice memo, to remind scheduled events
  • choosing of the phone's usage limits
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